When everything is too much and not enough…

Is it just me or is the room spinning out of control? No, wait, that’s my mind!
I wanted everything to stop! “Just give me one damn second!”…”I need to get out of here!”…”Just leave me alone!”…It’s the raw truth! We’ve all said or thought those words. It never feels good afterwards. Living life in this state is tough! This short list ↓ is just some of the coping mechanisms I use daily to fight off overwhelming feelings. Hopefully at least one of these will help you manage. I will be adding more content to this blog post periodically so watch for updates! ♥ I would love to hear your experiences about how you deal with the massive overwhelm that is adulthood!
 Feeling overwhelmed with life and all the things that you think need to be done can be crippling! So crippling in fact, sometimes you enter into the fight or flight mode. You neglect yourself. You have a breakdown. You’re on edge and moody. Sound familiar? I want to share with you how I manage when I become overwhelmed. Keep in mind though, what works for one may not work for another.
1. Breathe – Breathing techniques can be very helpful and calming. In through your nose like you’re smelling a flower and out through your mouth like you’re gently blowing bubbles.
2. Music – Music can be great therapy especially when you become overwhelmed and need a quick escape from the here and now. It will take your mind off of all the clutter in your mind.
3. Meditate – Meditating can teach you a lot about yourself and how your mind works. You will learn better concentration, how to focus and better coping skills. Guided meditation is great. Utilize YouTube and apps on your phone. Not to mention it helps with anxiety symptoms as well. Meditation is so much more than what it seems!
4. Exercise – I know…blah! But, it DOES help. Even just a short walk or jog makes a difference. Come on people, walk it out!
5. Hobbies – Find yourself a hobby. Something you enjoy and can do daily if needed. Something that you love and has meaning in your life. For example; volunteering, crafting, collecting, sports, working toward world peace..anything that makes you happy!
6. Read – Books, articles, research, magazines, blogs..all good reading options. I like to read fantasy books to escape real life and delve into the life of someone or something else’s reality. Plus..reading makes you smart! 😛
7. Laugh – Laughter, as you may already know, is the BEST medicine. Have yourself a good belly laugh. Often.
8. Cry – Crying, believe it or not, is proven to help release those negative and racing thoughts when you are overwhelmed. Kind of like a reset button. After a good crying fit, I walk away with a somewhat clearer head. Crying is good for you guys, really!
9. Talk – Talking about your problems isn’t for everyone. Some have a hard time discussing their issues and feelings. If that’s the case, talk to your pet, talk to yourself in the mirror. Talk therapy can help you get things off your chest.
10. Watch TV – I’m not usually one to encourage watching TV, but it can definitely help take your mind off of everything.
  There are several ways to achieve peace and calm throughout your days. These are just some that have helped me. Don’t forget, tell me what’s on your list and we can add it to this one in hopes to help someone else!
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