Ancestor’s Memories In Our DNA?

I came across this video on Facebook this morning. It’s an interesting theory! Believable. Do we have the memories of our ancestors in our DNA, that have been passed down from generations before us? Could our “instincts” actually be lessons learned by our great, great grandfather? Please leave a comment with your opinions and thoughts. Let’s start a conversation!!

Can Memories Be Passed Down Through DNA

Science Is Proving Some Memories Are Passed Down From Our Ancestors

Neuroscience Confirms DNA Even Carries Memories From Our Ancestors


  1. Dena King

    Hey Loretta!!! If you have a chance, please check out this video

    It is a really long video, but if you give it just maybe a 10-minute chance, you’ll see…. it blew my mind and seriously opened my eyes to a world which I already felt was there, but that I couldn’t quite explain or put my finger on to pin-point. The reason it’s 2 hours long is because it is so incredibly deep. Please check it out!

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    1. LL Acker

      So sorry Dena, I’ve been crazy busy! I promise I haven’t forgotten about this video! I will get to it soon and let you know my thoughts! Thank you so much for being patient with me! 😁


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