My Dad, My Hero!

Before I begin the story of my Dad, there’s something you should know. From the beginning, my Dad had doubts about whether or not he was actually my biological Father. But, he never said a word. I was his, and only his! He didn’t care! 💜 (He is my Dad-99.98%)

I have 3 siblings, one older sister, one younger sister and a younger brother. We may have played dress up with him a few times 🙂 ! For most of our childhood my dad worked on the Cox Farm. Yep, a good ‘ol farm-boy! He worked hard on the farm day and night to provide for us. With the help of my grandma, my aunt Shirley, my big sister and other family and friends, he raised us the best he knew how; and that was perfect for us! I’m totally convinced that somewhere out there, there’s a dictionary that, under the definition of ‘Worlds Greatest Dad’, there is a huge picture of my Dad! For real, he’s that amazing! My Dad, My Hero!!


As long as I always have your hand to hold, I will not fear the darkness.


I Love You Dad

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