Empty Nest

Good morning!

This morning I’ve been thinking about my 15 year old son. The other day he started his very own checking and savings account! WHOA kid, *cue: record plays backwards* , slow down please! I definitely have mixed feelings about this growing up business! How bittersweet it has been to watch my baby boys grow into young men.

I was chatting about this with my Dad earlier after I sent him a picture of my son’s debit card. His response, “Wow. He’s getting old.”! Hahaha!! He is! He has a job and a bank account! My Dad also reminded me that when all of my boys are out of the house is when I have my ME time. That’s going to be great and lonely and exciting and fun and bittersweet and frightening and…. This is the song that never ends. It goes on and on my friends..

This all got me thinking; by the time all of my boys are out of the house I will have raised kids for 25 years! Wow..it’s weird to think about and then to imagine the empty nest. If I could describe motherhood in one word it’s definitely bittersweet!

How many years will you have raised kids after they are out of the house? I know I’m done having kids, but some of you aren’t. How many years do you want to raise kids? I could Probably raise kids another 25 years. I believe momming is my calling whether I like it or not! Haha! Tell me your thoughts on the Empty Nest!

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