The BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) Hangover

                              This is what Borderline Personality Disorder feels like…


Imagine feeling like that AAALLLLLL the time! It get’s extremely frustrating trying to function when your brain has other plans. The constant overwhelm builds up to toxic levels. BPD high-jacks your brain and body. I think this is where the BPD attack hits. Leaving you like this…


…not knowing what’s real and what’s simply the result of over thinking. As your mind processes all of the noise, you hit the highest, most painful peaks of every known emotion. Trying to control it can be compared to trying outrun yourself . In the end you’re just exhausted (mind and body), nauseous and numb. Still knowing that the issue is sure to show its ugly face again soon. This is what I call my “BPD hangovers”! It basically feels like a hangover after you’ve drunk way too many vodka sodas. Only this hangover comes fully equipped with emotional outbursts and loaded to the brim with over-thinking and sobbing! You can barely move, your body aches all over…all of the physical pain that comes with a BPD attack.

That’s the short 411 on my BPD hangovers. Does anyone else have these after an attack? What are yours like?



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