Self-Care Sunday on Monday?

I love doing self-care on Sunday because you have most of the day to practice it. But just because the title says Sunday, doesn’t mean it’s not needed throughout the week! Namely, the dreaded Monday! It’s back to the grind for most. I have a few ideas to utilize self-care throughout the work day.

  • carry a small stress squishy or worry stone in your purse or pocket to grab when you need a little relief
  • essential oils (they come in roller bottles)
  • put a diffuser on your desk or in the room you’re working in
  • go outside and get some fresh air
  • drink some green tea
  • put some flowers out in a vase
  • read something inspirational
  • de-clutter your work space
  • eat some fruits and veggies
  • allow yourself to step back and take a breather
  • take a short walk on your break

Have you used any of these self-care tricks to help you through your monday? If you try any of these, tell me how it worked out for you. DO you have any ideas that aren’t on this list? Self-care is important. You exercise to keep your body healthy. It’s Like exercise for your mental health. Just as important!

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