Secrets To Be Told- Getting Personal

For years now, minorities have been fighting for their rights to be heard and acknowledged. This includes the LGBT+ community. But they aren’t a minority anymore. They are doing what they can to be accepted.

When I was in 4th grade I realized there was something different about me. Something that, at the time, I thought made me a bad person. I always thought I was the weirdest kid in all of my elementary school. I didn’t know anyone else that was like me. I liked both boys and girls. I’m bisexual. I’m 37 years old now but in grade school I had no idea what that meant. I felt alien-like. I told no one. It wasn’t until my mid teen years until I started to understand my sexuality and that it was valid and real. I still told no one. I’m just now getting to the point where I’m truly comfortable telling the world I AM BISEXUAL AND PROUD!

People may judge me, tell me it’s a phase, tell me to pick one or the other. They are going to question my marriage. Yes, it was my choice to marry a man and I don’t regret it at all. He is the foundation of my family. I now have 5 boys/men ranging from 12-18 that are my soulmates! This is the life I chose. MY path. Just because I am bisexual does not change any of that. It does not mean anything is going to change. It does not make me love my husband any less. He is my ride or die! I don’t believe in divorce. If you have a problem fix it, don’t run. In April 2020 I will be married for 18 years. Proof that it’s possible regardless of sexual preference and the path you choose. In the end, all that really matters is your happiness.

Please, if you are having doubts about yourself or what need to just chat don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I can arrange a more private way to converse. Peace, love and light to all!

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