About Me

  Aaahh..the dreaded ‘about me’ section! Before I started this blog I was (and still am) worried about the level of depth to go into with you all about my own life. I’ve wondered about oversharing…or not sharing enough and seeming like a robot. I’m not by the way, if anyone was wondering. 😀 So, I’m just going to start with the basics okay?

My name is Loretta Lynn Acker. *eye rolling* Yep, I was named after the country star Loretta Lynn. Also, my grandma’s name is Loretta! I’ve been married to my best friend for 16 years. We have 5 handsome young men! I am waaaay outnumbered! How do I do it you ask? To be totally honest, I’m winging it. Things change every day around here so I adapt. Coffee helps 😀 ..and animals! I am a stay at home mom, I blog, I’m a creator, mental health advocate, animal lover….etc, etc. (Oversharing?) Anywho..

This is me and I’m here to stay!